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Water & Environment

Concern for water and environment is growing very rapidly and being voiced all over the world. In India, it is the growing human population on one hand, while water and environmental degradation on the other… Read More…

Agriculture & Rural Development

Agriculture and therefore land has played the most crucial role in the evolution of human society. In the context of India, agriculture and allied sectors contribute only 17% of the GDP… Read More..

SHG’s and Community Empowerment

ADI as partners in development facilitates an alternative paradigm of development that values appreciating people’s basic potential to lead the process of socio-economic change… Read More..

Monitoring & Evaluation

Constant monitoring and evaluation of development projects is one of the most critical parameters to ensure that the project meets its deadline and desired results… Read More..

Training & Capacity Building

We see poverty as a denial of choices and opportunity. The incidence of poverty is due to adversenatural conditions, inadequate infrastructure, human capabilities, social structure and policy decisions. Read More..

Urban & Regional Development

Development is a challenging paradigm. The task is very large and one’s contribution is miniscule. Promoting sustainable development for the larger society remains key challenge in development policy and action… Read More..


We plan, develop, build capabilities and implement resource management and socio-economic development projects to contribute to the growth of the area

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The latest news, videos, and discussions on water resource management and need based sustainable livelihood promotion.