Chairperson’s Strategy

Our Vision towards Integrated Water Resources Management

Concern for environment is growing very rapidly and being voiced all over the world.
In India, it is the growing human population on one hand, while environmental degradation on the other. Ground water table have been declining at an alarming rate. The natural resources are getting degraded. Our sources of water are drying up, water and air are getting polluted. Overexploitation of water use leads to deterioration of land and erodes the topsoil, henceforth productivity of the soil is declining. Degradation of land and water resources affects millions of upland people and these are the most deprived. It also impacts additional millions living downstream being affected by floods and landslides. Degradation is increasing and spreading rapidly. The effects of environmental degradation and global warming are too well noticeable.

But despite the dire statistics, solutions do exist and various technologies are available. We have to apply our knowledge of science along with that of local culture. The situation necessitated conservation, regeneration and the judicious use of all the resource related to environment (like land, water, plants, animals and human) for sustainable development. It brings the best possible balance in the environment between natural resources on one side and man and grazing animals on the other.

ADI as partners in development facilitates an alternative paradigm of development that values appreciating people’s basic potential to lead the process of socio-economic change. We value livelihood promotion and environmental resource management as an instrument to build leadership and entrepreneurial skills of individuals, communities, systems and institutions.
Development is a challenging paradigm. The task is very large and one’s contribution is miniscule. Promoting sustainable development for the larger society remains key challenge in development policy and action. ADI aims to improve the lives and future prospects of society as a whole. The organisation envisages to bring about people centered development by fostering institutional linkages, technology transfer, technological innovation and experiments, demonstrate new ideas, promote new approaches, mobilize resources, demystify concepts and technologies, mediate to bring about collaboration, and impart skills and foster conditions for reflection and learning. ADI is committed to bring larger impact through strategic partnerships. A step towards government, private sector and civil society partnerships are providing new perspectives to address the issue of scale and sustainability.
The basic thrust of all our interventions seeks to provide holistic development with an integrated approach to the management of environmental resources. Sustainability and self- actuation with eco-preservation calls for a self-discipline. ADI seeks to provide the total system approach with technology, as a tool to sustain the value system enshrined in the constitution. Being a facilitator, it resolves to catalyse change and expand the capabilities of people and institutions.