Our Strategies

Our Strategies

Learning & Action

The base of our strategy and initiative thrust is built on issues, concerns, conviction and focus on basic orientation, sustainability, understanding of poverty, empowerment, solidarity values, approaches; knowledge, and learning. Systemic empowerment and human qualities form the pillar of our evolved processes. 


We will accomplish our vision & mission by:

  • Collaborating with Government, Local, National and International resource institutions, Bilateral and Multilateral agencies, Donors, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and Corporate Sector and establish effective partnership and alliances
  • Building long-term partnerships with Corporate sector in evolving, strengthening and facilitating implementation of water replenishment strategies, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability strategies
  • Focusing on People-centered, need based, integrated approach to development
  • Designing and introducing innovative approaches and focus on processes and mechanisms to address the need
  • Demonstrating effective and significant impact by facilitating large scale direct action projects
  • Training and capacity building at all levels
  • Monitoring & Evaluation, our own projects and external projects
  • Revitalizing institutions, systems, bureaucracies and communities
  • Promoting new institutions and evolving diverse organizational structures to manage the complex and numerous tasks of the intervention
  • Influencing policy change through research, advocacy and information dissemination
  • Stressing on cost-effective, replicable and sustainable systems
  • Everaging and mobilizing resources

ADI promotes institutions, systems, processes and mechanisms that bring socio-economic growth.

Therefore, the organisation envisages to bring about people centered development by

  • Fostering institutional linkages
  • Technology transfer
  • Technological innovation and experiments
  • Demonstrate new ideas
  • Promote new approaches
  • Mobilize resources
  • Demystify concepts and technologies
  • Mediate to bring about collaboration, and
  • Impart skills and foster conditions for reflection and learning

Application of collaborative approaches, gender sensitivity and practical ideas to address the concerns of communities characterises our approach.

Decentralisation, Entrepreneurial skills and Experimental/ opportunity window would cut across various themes.

The basic thrust of all interventions seeks to provide holistic development framework with an integrated approach to the management of resources.



Facilitating Project Development Processes …

ADI has PAN India presence and plans to expand Globally. Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI) has been working in various capacities in more than 20 States in India. ADI has future plans to expand its learning and experience Globally