Urban & Regional Development

Development is a challenging paradigm. The task is very large and one’s contribution is miniscule. Promoting sustainable development for the larger society remains key challenge in development policy and action. ADI aims to improve the lives and future prospects of society as a whole. The organisation envisages to bring about people centered development by fostering institutional linkages, technology transfer, technological innovation and experiments, demonstrate new ideas, promote new approaches, mobilize resources, demystify concepts and technologies, mediate to bring about collaboration, and impart skills and foster conditions for reflection and learning.

ADI is committed to bring larger impact through strategic partnerships. A step towards government, private sector and civil society partnerships are providing new perspectives to address the issue of scale and sustainability. ADI is instrumental in evolving long term issue-based.

ADI evolved regional and State level strategies all over India covering technical, financial and institutional issues for future implementation. The multi-disciplinary and highly experienced team of ADI has been involved in evolving specific need based and holistic Vision documents and Master plans for specific regions and urban areas of various States across India.

To mention few, ADI evolved Vision document for Shivalik region of Government of Haryana, along with evolving Human Development Index of the Region. The assignment is an endeavour to measure the development status of Shivalik region and provide the future path for holistic development of the area. This holistic development encompasses social, economic, ecological and infrastructure development. This vision document has determined a focus on two specific but inter-twined strategies: it provides area specific sectoral focus that emerges to be a major concern with view for holistic development and two, it focuses on effective governance issues for transparency within the system and enhancing the capacities of stakeholders for effective implementation. ADI were involved in the assignment on diversified agriculture for enhanced income in the State of Himachal Pradesh for evolving 10 years master and action plans on Rural Development. ADI evolved a plan for Rejuvenation of Medieval Water Supply System of Daulatabad and Panchakki and provided options to suffice drinking water needs for Aurangabad town and neighboring areas of Maharashtra State. ADI were instrumental in evolving waste water management strategy as a means for recycling and recharging ground water in water stress areas of Haryana and Punjab.


Facilitating Project Development Processes …

ADI has PAN India presence and plans to expand Globally. Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI) has been working in various capacities in more than 20 States in India. ADI has future plans to expand its learning and experience Globally