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our inception

Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI) is founded with a purpose, concern, objective and perspective.

ADI is a group of professionals working for water resource management and need based sustainable livelihood promotion. The group of professionals are drawn from premier institutes around the world had made seminal contribution in the development sector virtually in every State of Republic of India and various other places globally. Our trans-disciplinary team has a sound academic background with expertise in the social, management, ecological, environmental sciences, engineering and Information Technology. ADI has extensive experience in working across diverse public systems, cultures and organizational frameworks at various levels.

ADI builds active partnerships with Government, Civil Society Organisations, Bilateral and Multilateral agencies, Corporate sector, Educational Institutions and all concerned stakeholders in National and International arena, and is addressing the problems of community through people-centered, sustainable and need-based approach. ADI through its initiatives is making a significant difference for promoting and nurturing sustainable growth, social development and good governance.

ADI through its efforts in last more than two decades have developed wide development network all over India working on water resource management, natural resource management, livelihood promotion, agriculture development, organisational development, community empowerment issues and social risk management of development projects. Our involvement is from the very participatory planning, conceptualization, designing, facilitating the implementation process, capacity building, handling responsibility to the community while building institutions around the programme.

Today, ADI in its Community Action Projects is working with more than 100,000 poor people. In Development Consultancy role, ADI is instrumental in evolving long term issue-based and comprehensive strategies for deprived regions in various States. ADI is involved in evolving water conservation and management strategies for the Corporate Sector and State Governments and taking up water audits and water risk assessments. In various projects, we are involved in building capacities of communities, women and various forms of groups and institutions for sustainable development of the area. We had been working in more than 20 States across India.

ADI while working under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is building partnership with Corporate Sector in evolving and strengthening issues pertaining to water resource development and management and sustainable development of the area. We identify, design and implement projects relevant to the business and social context. While partnering with Corporate Houses, ADI has pioneered several major initiatives to replenish water in communities. ADI is partnering in planning, facilitating implementation and monitoring the impact of Sustainable Water Resource Development & Management (SWRDM) projects in Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Punjab and many other States. The SWRDM initiative is benefitting around 60,000 people and created potential to recharge more than 6000 million litres of water every year.

While working in Development Consultancy role, ADI is evolving water replenishment strategies and taking up water audits and water risk assessments for various Corporate Houses across India. More than 20 States have been covered till now. We have been communicating with varied stakeholders across globe in order to create awareness and address the issue of large scale acceptance and replication of the model and processes.

ADI’s presence today is all over India and has plans to expand in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia. We have a team of over 50 multi-disciplinary professionals with varied academic and sectoral background. Our network comprises more than 150 senior development professionals, field practitioners and organisations.

ADI while getting involved in strategic planning, capacity building, facilitating implementation, evaluations, research and evolving diverse institutional mechanisms aims to enhance and support Regional and National capabilities.


Facilitating Project Development Processes …

ADI has PAN India presence and plans to expand Globally. Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI) has been working in various capacities in more than 20 States in India. ADI has future plans to expand its learning and experience Globally