Water Resource Development & Management

Concern for water and environment is growing very rapidly and being voiced all over the world. In India, it is the growing human population on one hand, while water and environmental degradation on the other. Ground water table have been declining at an alarming rate. The natural resources are getting degraded. Our sources of water are drying up and getting polluted. Overexploitation of water use leads to deterioration of land and erodes the topsoil, henceforth productivity of the soil is declining. Degradation of land and water resources affects millions of upland people and these are the most deprived. It also impacts additional millions living downstream being affected by floods and landslides. Degradation is increasing and spreading rapidly. The effects of environmental degradation and global warming are too well noticeable.

But despite the dire statistics, solutions do exists and various technologies are available. ADI here is applying the knowledge of science along with that of local culture. The situation necessitated conservation, regeneration and the judicious use of all the resources related to environment (like land, water, plants, animals and human) for sustainable development.

ADI is instrumental in evolving and implementing water conservation and management strategies in most of the States across India. ADI is committed towards evolving and strengthening issues pertaining to water resource development and management and sustainable development of the area. ADI has pioneered several major initiatives to replenish water in communities. ADI is partnering in planning, facilitating implementation and monitoring the impact of Sustainable Water Resource Development & Management projects in Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Haryana, Punjab and many other States. Here, Sustainable water resources development and management deals with the practices that help ascertain continued access to good quality water, without jeopardising the future potential or availability. It entails a methodical approach to augmentation, conservation and utilisation of water resources for a particular portfolio of activities. ADI provides holistic development framework with an integrated approach to the management of water resources.

ADI is involved in carrying out feasibility studies, conceptualization, designing, training, capacity building and monitoring & evaluation and evolving water replenishment, watershed management, drinking water and waste water management strategies across most of the States in the Republic of India. ADI is involved in taking up water audits and water risk assessments in most of the States in India. Our experience is at all levels i.e. social (community), technical (topographical, hydro-geological, agro-ecological & local specific), institutional and policy issues.

In our Community Action Projects in various States, ADI is building check dams and well recharge structures and rejuvenating old tanks and water harvesting structures which has facilitated in regenerating aquifers and enhancing water availability for the community for the intensification and extension of agriculture and secure drinking water. We initiated activities for sustainable water resource development and management in order to replenish ground water and promote micro irrigation systems in order to save water during irrigation.

ADI is involved in planning and facilitating implementation of watershed programs. Taking into consideration, the past work experiences, watersheds are logical planning and management units from a sustainable and environmental viewpoint. Therefore the approach is to develop land from ridge to valley to harmonize economic development and environmental protection.

Today ADI has been able to reach to more than 75,000 people under these community action projects.


Facilitating Project Development Processes …

ADI has PAN India presence and plans to expand Globally. Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI) has been working in various capacities in more than 20 States in India. ADI has future plans to expand its learning and experience Globally