Governance & Institutional Development

ADI in collaboration with Government, Bilateral and Multilateral Agencies, External funders & Civil Society Organisations, and Corporate Sector initiates measures to conserve environment and water and promote livelihood generation in the interest of the society. As a part of this endeavor, ADI is involved in planning, monitoring, building capacities of institutions and facilitating implementation. Field-university is one of the consent followed by us.

We at ADI felt the need to build the development clarity within the Civil Society Organisations, Private Sector and Government departments and Development Administration in order to make significant and massive impact on livelihoods and environment at large. There is need to build & strengthen forums designed to bring together Government-CSOs-Corporate for larger area development issues.

In order for large scale replication of livelihood generation and water and environmental conservation programs, we are striving in building long-term partnership with Government in order to stream line and strengthen institutional mechanism within the Government system.

We identify region specific issues, discuss with the concerned Central & State authorities and resource institutions and evolve a mechanism to address these issues and work towards building public-private partnership.

ADI in various projects while getting involved in planning, capacity building, providing strategic support and M&E of implementation experiences is working towards strengthening governance and institutional development. ADI promotes institutions, systems, processes and mechanisms that bring socio-economic growth.


Facilitating Project Development Processes …

ADI has PAN India presence and plans to expand Globally. Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI) has been working in various capacities in more than 20 States in India. ADI has future plans to expand its learning and experience Globally