Water Recharge Project Handover to Four Village Community

Water Recharge Project Handover to Four Village Community

PepsiCo India, along with its partner Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI) – a Development Support Organisation, today handed over a partnership project on ‘Water Replenishment ‘ to four Panchayats (Panwan, Masani, Phumanwal and Bhaktari) in Bhawanigarh Block of Sangrur district, Punjab. The SWRDM program has recharge potential of 100 million liters and is expected to benefit a total agricultural area of more than 350 acres, positively impacting 150 farmers and over 5,000 villagers in the long term.

Water recharge project handover to four village community

The PepsiCo SWRDM program in the Bhawanigarh Block includes water replenishment through creation of a newly created rainwater harvesting pond in Panwan besides three rejuvenated rainwater harvesting ponds in Masani, Phumanwal, and Bhaktari

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