Water Conservation Projects Started in Pudussery Panchayath

Water Conservation Projects Started in Pudussery Panchayath

Palakkad: PepsiCo India, as part of its SWRDM (Sustainable Water Resource Development & Management) program and its partner Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI), today handed over a partnership project on ‘Water Conservation’ to the Pudussery Panchayat and the local communities. The project was inaugurated by President, Pudussery Grama Panchayat, in a ceremony at Pandiyathu Yerri, Panangad, Pudussery Grama Panchayat, Palakkad.


The projects have the potential to benefit more than 100 families across two villages. The project is conceived in the aftermath of reduced monsoons last year that significantly affected surface water bodies and groundwater levels in the area.

As a part of water conservation projects, the two ponds in Panangad and East Atapallam villages have been restored through bund strengthening, cleaning up of the catchment area, construction of recharge pit and repair of the canals with active involvement and support from the local communities. The Pandiyathu Yerri pond has a water storage capacity of 12412 cubic metres and the Samy Yerri pond has a water storage capacity of 10478 cubic metres. Both these ponds will collectively support agricultural activities covering an area of about 160+ hectares benefiting more than 200 farmers in their vicinity. Earlier wooden gates that were in a dilapidated condition were replaced with steel sluice gates at check dams to improve water holding capacity. This, along with the surface water storage in the two ponds, will improve groundwater recharge in the area, over time, for other needs as well.

Speaking on the development, R S Nijjar Executive Director ADI said, “We did a detailed baseline assessment of the area, mapping the existing water resources & assessed potential for rejuvenation of the water structures to ensure availability & access of water for communities.